How to Earn Money Online: 4 Free Options + $ 10 Initial Bonus.



Many people ask us how to earn money for Internet in their free time. Normally, all the options we hear are fraud or just are not worth it. That’s why our personal finance team decided to take as its mission to find the best 100% free options of how to make money online. Maximize every dollar in your wallet with paid surveys, discount coupons and more.

Top 4 Options On How To Make Money Online.

It’s worth saying that these options will not make you a millionaire (the people who say that you will be a millionaire are lying to you), but they are good resources to supplement what you already earn. Here we leave the 4 options that our team recommends more than how to make money online:

A) Paid Surveys

A) Paid Surveys


There are several pages on the internet that pay for you to give your opinion of different products when filling out surveys, watching videos, etc. It’s an easy way to earn extra money online in your free time from home. Although there are several survey pages that never end up paying you for your time we have found 3 excellent options for you:

1. SWAGBUCKS: It helps you earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, playing online games and giving your opinion of different products from the comfort of your home. Become a member of Swagbucks is FREE and they give you a $ 5 bonus just for subscribing .



  • Requirements: Name, Email and Confirm Mail (Check SPAM).
  • Approximate Payment: $ 500- $ 5,000 per year * (If you fill out all the surveys and offers you qualify for)
  • Cost: FREE
  • Form of payment: You can exchange your points (called SB) for cash or gift cards such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart.
  • Benefits: Returns money for online purchases and gives you $ 5 welcome bonus just for creating an account.


2. SURVEY JUNKIE: You pay to share your opinion online when filling out surveys. This is our favorite option for any user looking to earn money online . After you sign up for Survey Junkie, you will begin to accumulate bonus points, each point equals 1 cent and you could find surveys of up to 200 points.



  • Requirements: Email.
  • Approximate Payment: $ 600- $ 6,000 per year * (If you fill out all the surveys and offers you qualify for)
  • Cost: FREE
  • Form of payment: Points can be exchanged for gift cards or cash.
  • Benefits: Fast payments, the lowest payment is $ 10 and gift cards never expire.

3. MY POINTS: It is a very good option of how to make money online since it pays you to buy online through them. You can also earn points by answering polls, playing video games and watching videos. It’s FREE and gives you a $ 5 bonus after completing the first five surveys you qualify for.



  • Requirements: Name, Email, Create password
  • Approximate Payment: $ 500- $ 5,000 per year * (If you fill out all the surveys and offers you qualify for)
  • Cost: FREE
  • Form of payment: Air miles, cash or gift cards (Electronic and physical) including Amazon, Old Navy and Starbucks.
  • Benefits: It is an easy to use platform and even if you do not qualify for a survey, some still give you points.


Take your free time to earn money from the comfort of your home! Here is the list of the best options to make money online:



B) Independent works

B) Independent works

Thanks to the internet and technology there are many new opportunities to use your current car to make money in your free time. There are many services such as LYFT and UBER, which customers get for you and all you have to do is drive.


4. LYFT: If you have your own car and you want to be your own boss, then you have to check LYFT. You make your own hours and you are your own boss. Earn about $ 30 / hour.


  • Approximate Payment: $ 25 / hour
  • Cost: FREE
  • Benefits: Work in your free time. LYFT drivers earn an average of $ 25 / hour and up to much more. Apply to LYFT is FREE and you decide what days / hours you work.
  • Requirements: Have a 4-door car from 2007 or newer. Current driver’s license.


C) Work from Home


A) Paid Surveys


Working from the comfort of your home is everyone’s dream. Most jobs from home include customer support jobs where you can use your computer, cell phone and other resources to assist clients of other online companies. There are also several jobs in your area that may interest you to pay more than your current job or to get additional part-time work.

How to earn money online can be more efficient with these tips:


You can stay comfortable as Guermantes family leaves you some tips so you can make the most of the survey sites

1) You will need a new email address for surveys:

Because when you sign up for a survey site, you’re sure to receive a lot of emails like ads or opportunities to make money. You will avoid losing your work emails or personal messages.

2) Answer and give your honest opinion and update your profile information frequently:

There will be several surveys that you would rate based on your demographic data, for example: city, state where you live, if you change jobs, update it as it could help you qualify for more surveys and have more opportunities.

3) Do not pay to fill out surveys (or enter your banking information):

NEVER pay to join these survey sites. The most secure and legitimate sites pay with gift cards, or cash through PayPal. (you will link your bank account to your paypal account)

4) We recommend using Roboform to automatically fill in the answers:

Most surveys ask the same questions many times. Roboform is a platform that makes a free automatic filling when it recognizes that the same question is being asked and you can enter your information in the survey once. This will save you LOTS of time.

Roboform will also save your passwords. THE TRUTH no one can remember the passwords.


Other Resources How to Make Money Online:


Other Resources How to Make Money Online:

For more options on how to make money online, we recommend CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) . These sites give information and news of personal finances which give you tips to avoid online fraud.

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